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Originally Posted by OrtadragoonX View Post
Another thing that perplexes me is why outside of the Kshatria none of the Federation or Neo Zeon suits have funnels. The Shamblo had reflector bits, but not offensive funnels. I figured the Unicorn wouldnt' have them, since it's a dedicated Newtype hunting suit, but why hasn't the Federation used any funnel suits since the NU Gundam? They have the technology. Considering how bad Neo Zeon kicked ass with their various suits (the Quebely series, Quin Matha, Kyshantria, Jadg Doga line, Sazabi) and the Federation produced the NU Gundam with funnels and a psycommu and psychoframe, why not develop some new funnel use suits?

I'd love to see them incorporate the RX-94 Mass Production Nu Gundam into the story. It could use either INCOM weapons (for oldtypes) or a psycommu (minus the psychoframe) for a funnel suit.
They explain it bit by bit in the OVAs. For the 1st ep. Cardenas explain how the newtype ideology turn from the evolution theory Deikun had in mind to military Aces. Since Zeon promoted the genetic superior of newtypes and showed it off.....alot.

So, since Feddies and Zeeks are enemies.

You have to imagine how counter-productive it would be for the feddies to heavily promote Amuro Ray(a newtype), while bashing the ideas Zeon stand for (the genetic superiority of newtypes) during all the OYW and every Zeon insurgent group afterwards.

I'll admit this reason above just explain feddies attitude toward newtypes. Zeon just treated them as super-soldiers and created cyber-newtypes which are treated worst All this leads to the creation of Psycommu System that repeatedly tends to be run-away system.

In ep. 2 or 3, the tech guy said they are still not sure how the Psycommu system works (they don't even know why it glows when its on) then you have to explain what happen at the end of the CCA with he Psycoframe being overloaded and pushing back Axis.

So these guys not knowing much about how the psycho-frame works allow not one but two MSes with the entire frame lined with psyco-frame tech to exist. Not only that but they are going to fight each other. If you saw ep. 4 you notice how Unicorn and Sambo Psycho-frame reacted to each other. Imagine the damage it can cause if two full-psycho suits lost control fighting each other

The last thing any side should do is pushing out suits like this too much, there really expensive, they don't know how it works, not enough Newtypes to go around, psycho-frames make suits go out of control, and you can't trust the pilots from having mental breakdown during battle.

How this explains alittle, i'll wait for everyone else to jump-in
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