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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
There's also a new trailer (23:20 mark):

Really hyped for this. I'm sure I'll spend a truckload of hours on the character creation alone.

As for it being announced for the West, I wouldn't put much faith in it happening all that soon, given Sega's history with screwing over overseas audiences. If PSO2 comes out in Japan (in 2012 presumably) without a confirmation for a western release still, I'm considering just importing the Japanese version then.
Nice !
Yeah character creation will sure take a lot of time
I'm not sure it will be so easy to play with a japanese version if they create online servers dedicated to japanese people only.... and if they release the game overseas I hope they won't separate servers like they did for PSU. I don't precisely know since I didn't buy PSU (I was too disappointed when I tried it) but Sega of America had no power over hacking & cheating and had to rely on Sega of Japan to help them out...
However like Darkbeat I'm confident about overseas release.
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