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Huh? seriously? Is the writer give up the anime or he wants to try something different?
If I was the author and I only had 12 episodes to cover an impossible amount of content, what would I do? Keeping in mind that I probably want the anime's final season to more or less catch up with the ending of the LNs, what I would do is start cutting and condensing. I have a LOT of material I need to cover, and I want to give the fans the ending they deserve.

If I were the author of ZnT, I also survived cancer, which gives me some perspective on this sort of thing that I will never expect the fans to understand. So yeah, sacrifices will need to be made, but I don't want to end it halfway through with no resolution after 3 seasons of (mostly) filler!

Okay, I'm no longer the author. Speaking for myself, I hope the pace keeps up and we get matching anime and LN endings.
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