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If I was the author and I only had 12 episodes to cover an impossible amount of content, what would I do? Keeping in mind that I probably want the anime's final season to more or less catch up with the ending of the LNs, what I would do is start cutting and condensing. I have a LOT of material I need to cover, and I want to give the fans the ending they deserve.
An alternative might be to rewrite, cut (i.e. leave out entire volumes of source except for key character developments which must then be worked into the covered arcs some other way), and merge existing content so that the story ends up in the same place. It would take tons of work (if it's at all feasible), but pacing issues could possibly be alleviated.

Of course, fans would probably still complain, and there's honestly little incentive to go that far for a final season.

As for J.C.STAFF, if they're to be blamed for something, it would probably be a lack of editorial supervision, as well as iffy schedule management. Contrary to popular belief, they take on a rather laissez-faire approach to content creation. With how they're set up, it's literally impossible for them to be closely involved with any single project since production primarily revolves around a single producer (who's in charge of numerous shows simultaneously and serves as the studio's contact in business negotiations).

They're very much a cog in the system as opposed to an active participant in creation.
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