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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
I don't fully understand why you are so insistent on this point both here and formerly in the Episode 3 thread. Regardless of the author's health issues, he is credited with the job. You may speculate that he didn't do all the work himself (the show does indeed have a chief writer, Shogo Yasukawa, who is writing the screenplay), but someone else isn't generally going to do the job in a different way than he would have done it and leave it credited in the original author's name. Yes, his health was/is a problem, but planning the anime's content to align with the novels is certainly a job he could easily have done, especially given how well he knows the content in the first place. So I'm not sure what is gained by insisting that he was too sick to have done the job he was credited with doing. On the contrary, I think it's most logical to assume that the job is being done in the way he would have it done, since it has his name on it. That's good enough for me.
The thing is that they made the author sound like he was some kind of director number 2 but in reality his work could only be very light and his involvement with the project isnt as deep as advertised.

His prime focus is Novels and catching up with schedule (hope it is 'just' catching up the LN schedule rather than being able to finish it all which would make it more grim). Anime if involved just could not physically have the authors deep involvement in the project.

The person who is mainly responsible for most of cutting and blending is not the author.

In fact authors when asked to get involved in anime are happy with anime being released to begin with and very rarely criticize anything that is done to the anime, unless they are really self-centered which happens rarely in Japanese culture. Meaning that the authors input is usually really small, because they are simply content with it being done rather than it being done well. Because no matter how crappy it is it can serve at least as an advertising of his/her own novels (even negative advertising is still advertising).

But of course company advertise as if the authors production is very strong and notable to give the anime a more credibility (hey author worked with it, you cant complain now!) while in reality it often turns out that their real role was far much smaller than advertised. And in ZnT case given the authors condition throughout the last year where he could barely sit down to work on his main focus (LN), such scenario seems to be very, very likely.

Thats why it annoys me when some fools start pointing - hey the author is making it. You really need to separate advertising and the actual process, particularly in this case when everything is pointing to authors only very minimal involvement with it all (due to health issues).
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