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I have suggestions piling up again! Ah!!
Thank you for your time, frubram, and I'll get to the shows you mention eventually. I really look forward to seeing the anime that is important to you all.

I finished watching Mawaru Penguindrum.
This series was slow to grow on me. It irks to watch characters who have little or no confidence in themselves, even more so when they're male. I'm looking at you, Shouma. What pulled me in was the fast moving plot and my increasing feeling of interest in the underlying story. That's probably why I ended up so disappointed. I agree with the thoughts of many others; there really isn't enough material in this series to provide a canon answer for all the questions that viewers will have at the end.
I understand the symbolism well enough. I can see the morals that the author is trying to get across. However, that really doesn't justify the travesty of an ending that I just witnessed.
I've never seen the ending to Evangelion, but I had a friend in highschool who was enamored with that show. He told me that if you have sufficient knowledge of Christian symbolism and ancient history, that you can piece together something from the ending and have an 'AHA! WOW!' moment. That really is not the case here.
I don't know if it's because of lack of budget or time or both, or even some sense of pretentiousness that the author wields against the viewers in an expensive form of trolling; in any case, it's bull****. The ending is bull****.
It was just interesting enough to keep me going to the end, and quite unique. I do feel regret that I spent time watching this show. Will I forget it? Probably not.
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