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There is a lot more good racy manga that I can think of than anime. Generally in anime there is very little sex besides in hentai, almost none of which is worth reccomending even if such a thing wasn't against the rules of the board: it was my understanding that it is.

Dunno if you read manga but Nozoki Ana is probably the best manga I can think of where the main characters actually have sex like normal people.

Another one that had sex portrayed in a way that I could relate to was Haru yo Koi. It starts out a a Yuri Manga but then it becomes a hetero manga with the yuri story mostly sidelined. This one has lots of sex and is mostly about infidelity. I really enjoyed this manga.

Another popular one is Oretama. Personally, this one kind of squicks me on a lot of levels but there is a ton of sexual content far beyond most manga and a lot of people think it is funny. In some ways it is more like an ecchi comedy than a romance manga but the degree of sexuality in the jokes goes far beyond even the raciest of ecchi comedies.

Another great manga that was never adapted into an anime is Jiraishin. It's basically a detective series set in modern japan that has some overriding plot arcs as well as episodic stories. It contains drug use, violence, sexuality, you name it. To say that this one is not for the faint of heart would be a vast understatement. The violence is rarely more gruesome than your average Seinen manga but the kind of ideas and situations that are portrayed in this manga are extremely disturbing for reasons beyond just visually repulsive violence. That being said, I loved this manga. I think the writing stumbles at times but overall I thought it was a very good read.

So yeah, none of those are anime but there is really very little anime at all that fit your bill.

Nozoki Ana is being adapted soon though and it's gonna be fucking epic.
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