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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3

Then there's Yuki-->Kyon. Honestly, no clue at all. Apart from being Kyon's 'yes-woman' as much as Kyon is Haruhi's 'yes man' and the second cardigan mystery, there's really no clue at all as Yuki is more Ice Queeny than most other characters. Sadly, even if it exist, I don't think it will ever be reciprocated, as he considers her as something mysterious rather than something romantic. At least, I haven't heard him say or thought something about Yuki that could even remotely be considered as romantic.
He does say one thing on it. In the episode where Haruhi first brings the bunny outfit, he mentions that he wouldn't mind seeing Yuki in it. But that is all I believe. So nothing really there.

Originally Posted by DragoonKain3

What about Mikuru-->Kyon? It can be argued that it does exist, because:
1) Mikuru did ask if Kyon would take her in if she were ever be unfit for marriage
2) Mikuru did look mighty disappointed when Haruhi said she can't go with Kyon to get the heater

However, the better question is whether or not she would act on her feelings if she did have them. IMO, the chance of that happening is very slim because if Mikuru was a D&D character, she would be a lawful one... to the extreme. I mean, apart from her complete subservience to Haruhi, she can't give Kyon details about the future because it's classified information, let alone break the 'no romance with past people' law. Until she does the former, I find the latter highly unlikely.

Now Kyon-->Haruhi, that's a tricky subject. As far as we know, we have complete interiority of Kyon's thoughts, thus the ONLY reasonable assumption we can all make is that Kyon has only eyes on Mikuru. Thus if we were to argue for Kyon-->Haruhi as of now, we would have to say that he subconsciously likes Haruhi. Which, I admit, is guesswork that in the end might be all wrong even though when everything seems to point in that direction. Still, we do know that:
1) he finds her attractive enough (striking beauty remark in eps. 1)
2) For someone who claims he isn't interested in her, he thinks about Haruhi and her actions more than he does about the rest of the cast combined. Seems like she's always in his head for some reason
3) He himself admitted that he didn't know what came over him when he started to converse with Haruhi for the very first time. Wonder what the reason can that be?
4) KyoAni did wonderful work in showing Kyon tightly grasping Haruhi's hand last episode, all without him noticing it. And if I'm not mistaken, he was the one who initiated the hand hold, since he was pulling his arm up while Haruhi held hers at more or less the same level.
5) While he would've done it for anyone else, his lack of complaint after falling from the cliff with Haruhi is mighty interesting indeed when that's all he does whenever Haruhi does something dangerous
6) He actually was looking for recognition of his deeds in this episode, which would lead us to believe that he isn't as unwilling as his thoughts might otherwise suggest
That seems the most probable. Many people like others and won't even admit it to themselves. Though he thinks conciously that he only likes her looks. He seems to get along with her. Kyon keeps coming back to the club, even though he himself doesn't know why. Deep down inside I think he is falling for her. All the reasons you give are good examples.

The MikuruxKyon is only there I think because Kyon is physically attracted to Mikuru. Plus, when haruhi uses her as a plaything it brings out Kyon's need to save her. Any guy would. I don't think there's anything more than that between them.
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