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Personally, to me it does seem like Haruhi has some sort of internal roadblock or what-have-you when it comes to Kyon. I mean, like in episode 5 with the random drawing of the toothpicks Kyon did end up going with Mikuru and Yuki alone instead of with Haruhi (who seemed pretty annoyed about it). With her powers it should have been pretty easy to alter chances so either it 1) didnt work or 2) it did work and it was intentional except it was due to something with her subconscious. Well, theres another idea but it has something to do with my own personal theory between the true relationship between Haruhi and Ill just leave it at that

About the whole Kyon ---> Haruhi thing, my whole take on it is that Kyon is deep down drawn to Haruhi. Not to say romantically exactly, but that it basically makes life interesting being around her. He used to be a fantasizer/dreamer until the cold hard facts of reality became apparent and he gave in to boring normality. Haruhi is like the child that he left behind, so while on the surface of his mind he fights her off deep-down he cant help but cling on to her.

Also, to a guy like Kyon (and probably to a lot of guys in general), a girl like Haruhi would really seem like a lot to handle (regardless if shes cute or not). Being with her romantically would need quite a lot of energy. This is pretty much the opposite when considering Mikuru, who acts and seems much more submissive. So in regards to Kyon's romantic view on the two girls it pretty much boils down to the question of wether he prefers to be on top or not

By the way, was I the only one who thought it felt odd to see scenes in episode 9 where Kyon wasn't in the vicinity? I mean, most of the anime has been pretty much shown with his point-of-view in mind so it felt kinda jarring to have the first-person narrator be out of the picture....
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