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Originally Posted by John D. View Post
In opposition to you marvelB^, I prefer Ben over Lucky and hope we see a (little of it at least) Ben Beckman and Kizuro skirmish.

Well of ocurse, to each their own. Still, I think you guys already know I tend to prefer the goofier-looking characters by now.

Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
And I think Lucky Reaux is the perfect man to fight Kizaru, since he is the fastest man on Grand Line. If Kizaru being made of light itself, isn't the fastest man, Lucky Reaux must have something quite astounding, maybe he has a time fruit.

Funny that you mention this, because this is partially the reason why I want to see Lucky take on Kizaru in the first place. See, that whole thing about Lucky being the fastest in the GL was one of those (seemingly) baseless rumors that practically came out of nowhere (just like the whole "Mihawk cutting elements" deal, but I'm pretty sure that one can actually be proven). Lucky vs. Kizaru would be the perfect match-up to prove once and for all whether or not the fat dude is as speedy as the rumors say (and even if he's not, I just want to see his fighting style )......
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