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I'm not exactly sure I want such a device to be honest. The Neurolinker basically reads a person's brain signals to produce an output, and while certain actions still require hand gestures, it is still too dangerous. To be able to read your brain signals accurately basically means that whoever's sponsoring you the device had the means to monitor your every actions. It's like having an open webcam spying on you 24 hours a day unless you took it off, which defeats the purpose of using the device itself.

Another problem is that our hardwares simply could not catch up to the speed our softwares are advancing. The latest prototype Virtual Reality machine right now is expected to come out this 2014, and for a device who could only fit ONE person it costs such humongous amounts of money it's unthinkable that our generation could enjoy a Nerve Gear dream anytime soon.
they said the same thing about the 3d television, the laptops, the smartphones etc. etc.

I'm not sure that our generation will se something like that. But thing like google glasses are right beyond the corner...
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