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Have you ever considered of the scenario where the Demon Spirit King was defamed by the other Spirit Kings?

Consider a scenario where the DSK is the strongest of all. But due to hatred/ jealousy/ thirst for power, all the others combined their might and defeated him.

Then they proclaimed victory and passed down a proclamation saying DSK was a threat to the society thus becoming the people's savior.

Well, burning down a whole kingdom in anger and introducing those absurd rituals shows their interest/ behavior
Dark, not Demon~

Also, there was a raging fire for 3 one died, but a large city was burned to the ground. That is why Claire's sister went into a rage (believing spirit kings to be evil), grabbed a large fire spirit and went Ash Rinbell....which lead to her own family estate burning to the ground/no fire for entire kingdom.

Although I don't personally think the Elemental kings are evil and DSK is good. Considering, if I can bring a real life example, Christianity.

In the old testaments, there were plenty of example of go raining fire on unbelievers, and remember they made a big deal about girls being chaste. There were plenty of example of mass murder and genocide in the name of the mighty.

Now, the interesting point here is, if Kamito was finally forced to go the Harem route (and for his sake, I hope is not the expanded Harem route), does that mean the girls will lose their powers? After all, being "pure" is a key point of being a contractor.
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