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The whole virginity being necessary for a spirit contractor is seriously in doubt though. Its never brought up again after the beginning and obviously the older spirit contractors aren't chaste anymore. I mean, Greyworth is a complete powerhouse and she is almost definitely not.

Besides, several of the girls mention training to be brides and whatnot, especially Ellis.
There is no evidence Greyworth had any relation either. When Kamito came to assassinate her 4-5 years ago, she was living alone with no boyfriend or kids.

Now mind you, it is mentioned royal/noble/contractor families inter-marriage to improve bloodlines, but there is no mention AFTER marriage does the Mom still retain her powers.

On other hand, a lot girls lose their virginity through sports, exercises etc. So I would be suprised if any of Kamito's harem are actually virgins.

Another note, as far as I can tell, Kamito's "Demon King of the Night" Ability only work on girls who can spirit contract, everywhere else, he is just a "lechous king, enemy of women kind"

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