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Originally Posted by ArchmageXin View Post
It wasn't a date to be exact (Never minding the title of the chapter was "Date with Dragon" in English ), it seem Elorna couldn't use her powers well ever since the first round of the blade dance, keep seeing Kamito in her head.

So she demand him to cure her of the problem. The whole thing was like 12 pages long, with Fianna and Ellis stalking behind.

As for the healing session, Fianna was in a kitten costume and "soloed" him before she went to suggest to the rest of the girls as in "this should what we do" to heal him, and I think this was the chapter Est was still trapped in the Astral world or something.

So the "extended harem" is consider of:

Spoiler for Other possible Harem candidates:
Elorna is in love and does not know it.

That explains this.

HA, I had a feeling she is a naughty kitten afterall.
And no Est......damn.

This her ?
Oh and WHAT!!!! HER ?
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