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It's a useless piece of shit.

No physical keyboard without springing $80 for a dock. No multitasking (though iPhone OS 4.0 may change this). No real OS. Doesn't support MKV container format. Only supports AAC audio for h.264 encodes. Cannot decode h.264 above 720p in the main 3.1 profile with more than 8 reference frames. Cannot display rendered softsubs.

$300 netbook + $35 Broadcom HD Accelerator >>>>>>>>>>>>>> iPad.

Apple really failed hard with this. All they did was take an iPod Touch and make it bigger. If they really wanted to make a tablet, they should have gone with a convertible tablet notebook design running actual Snow Leopard, built on one of the ULV Core 2 Duo, perhaps an SU9400, or even a ULV Arrandale, perhaps the Core i5-520UM.

This device though is just plain stupid. It fills a niche that doesn't even exist, a niche that's filled by countless other devices that just do more besides.

But of course it's Apple, so they'll still sell a bajillion of them.
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