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It's about niches. I don't know a single person out of all my friends who would get an iPad and have it do anything but collect dust.

This device is trying to be both a smartphone and a laptop, but it can't do half of what either of those can do, and having both a smartphone and a laptop gives you a lot more options than anything this gives you.

Also, regarding video, you should use proper terminology. It's not converting, it's transcoding. When you transcode from one lossy format to another lossy format you experience a significant generational degradation of quality.

Maybe some people will get some use out of this thing, but personally I don't see how it replaces or even supplements anything.

I have much more interest in ARM-based smartbooks with full hardware keyboards running actual OSes such as Ubuntu. I have many complaints with the netbook platform, and I think that by yanking the x86 processor in favor of a power-efficient ARM setup (Tegra 2, kthx) to get much more battery life without heavy 6-cell batteries, while still having all the flexibility and power of a full-blown Linux OS.

To me the smartbook is the best of all worlds. It is the obvious evolution of the netbook, throwing out redesigned old laptop x86 processors in favor of super-efficient ARM SoCs, but you still retain the benefit of the device behaving almost entirely like a tiny laptop. That's what really bothers me about both smartphones and tablets like this--they just can't do what I need them to do.

I don't want to have to transcode my video and suffer quality losses, not to mention unless I'm rocking an i7 desktop, transcoding isn't exactly fast. When you're sitting there transcoding multiple series, you're looking at hours if not days of processing.

The iPad is not a netbook killer. It's not even in the same niche. I'm not even sure what niche it's in, but what I do know is it is impossible to touch-type on a keyboard that doesn't actually have physical buttons. And seriously, modern netbooks aren't the eee PC 701. Most of them have keyboards that are just as comfortable to type on as a larger laptop's.
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