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I can see some practical uses for the iPad, but in all honesty, I suspect many, if not most, of the initial adopters will just want it for the "cool" and "flash" factors. You know, take it to the cafe, flash it around, and watch Apple groupies drool over its coolness while its owner pretend it is really nothing special?

Some possible uses, IMHO, would be by new parents using it to connect to those baby monitors remotely, architects and construction managers using it to show clients the plans/blueprints on site, and so on. You can do that with a laptop or a small monitor, but having something light, thin and easier to hold is better. The presentation by Steve Jobs just has it looking like a giant iPhone-like electronic device, and for those functions, I'd rather use a laptop or a smartphone instead of carrying around another piece of hardware. I myself wouldn't buy the iPad for doing that kind of "work".
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