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Originally Posted by selilychidori View Post
Omg your so amazing, thank you so much for joining us! dont be shy ^_^!

I had to first make sure someone didnt already MAKE a petition, apparently not. Theres an Anti-Zac Afron FMP movie petition? Lol...

and yes I know the spanish is bad XD its the first draft, I gotta fix it worries, I got fluent spanish speakers to help me out ^^ cuban :P..
I will check with all of you in a bit ^^ still editing spanish version... the petition website only lets you make the letter ONCE, and you can never edit it again...
So i'll wait to see if anyone else will give me another language to post with the letter?

Eveyrone like the letter so far? I hoped maybe someone like Shutazen or Hunter might chime in for possible input? Korean? chinese?

EDIT: I am concern about making the petition, I dont want this to backfire and get anyone in trouble. See link below.

We should also petition to bring legal translated copies of the books to our respective nations if want the anime too. I feel like the ones who can make this petition are really the chinese and japanese :s...

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