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Once again, Kuroneko saved the episode. 7/10 just for her speech (without it, 4/10 I guess?). She is absolutely right: Kirino needs to be kicked down once in a while, it's no good for things to go her way all the time (both from a character development and story standpoint).

Honestly, I'm starting to think Kyousuke is the real problem here. It's good to protect your sister but he's going way overboard. He could have at least rubbed the fact it's thanks to him the anime staff listened to Kirino's input on her face (that's what brothers are also supposed to do!), but noooooo, it's better to keep her completely in the dark and shelter her from the rest of the evil society. He's suppressing Kirino's character growth, all the while making the show even more uninteresting for us to watch. I'm not the only one who thinks this episode would have been a whole lot more interesting and entertaning if Kirino had had to face and overcome her problems by herself (with a little help from her friends), am I?
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