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this is getting tedious.
where i was totally into this show up to ep 3 (the aniki part was beyond awesome) this is now fallen well past the point where it was my 1# most expected show.
its just getting too damn absurd, and no progress or character development is being made.
Kirino is an annoying, ungrateful brat, with no character growth and no very few redeeming qualities.
she's little miss perfect in school, a professional model, and now a successful writer, which raises her well past the point where she's some i can relate to.
she's like Haruhi suzumiya, only without the interesting parts
and i feel very little sympathy for her, partly because she's already been show willing to throw both her brother and her friends under a bus, and partly because her problems are either too mandane (getting into a fight with her BFF), or too absurd (such as this episode).

Kyosuke seems to be able to solve any problem in the world with a heart warming speech.
a fact that was awesome when used on their dad, and less so when used on Kirino's BFF, and completely absurd when used on professional businessmen.
and while his "she's my sister, so i have to help her" attitude was interesting at first, its grown past the "my sisters keeper" and into "my sisters doormat"

i really AM hoping that this pattern is going to end soon.
i was totally into this show at first, and i actually do like the characters (even Kirino at times) but the show is losing its charm.
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