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Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
I was hoping the episode won't end up this way but it did.

The problem I have with this episode is that the episode is bill as an original work but it ends up as a "wannabe" (yes it's a pun from the LN)

I don't have problem with original works. What I do have problem is that instead of rewrite the dialogues for Kyosuke and Kuroneko for the confrontation, they decided to keep the dialouge and adds Saori into mix. As result, the confrontation looks awkward and illogical.

The scenes espicially looks bad for Kyosuke. In LN, and so far in the anime, whenever Kyosuke goes and defend Kirino or arguing for her, he always has facts and somewhat logical argument with him. But in this episode, his begging scene makes him looks like a drama queen that is all emotional and zero common sense. The reason why this happens is percislt because they changed everything else in this episode but somehow decided to keep the begging theme and Kuroneko's lecture. While Kuroneko's line still fit somewhat (though still awkward) Kyosuke's action is just baffling without the original content and it actually destroys a bit of his identity and character.

And while I don't like Kirino (even in LN). I have to say her character got further destroyed in this episode and being shown as an drama queen brat and all her good points were taken away.

Since the arc is closed and other has already mentioned original conflic in LN, here a a more detailed summary on what was supposed to happen based on LN:

Spoiler for Detailed summery for the LN event to be compare with Anime:

Base on the title, next episode seem to jump directly to the end of volume 4 as expected, as volume 4 does not have a central plot.
Now,I decided to read LN reading your post. I have not read LN & manga of this series. But i felt this anime didnt scribe enough about each character,didnt develop each characters depth. I shoul read LN...
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