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Originally Posted by 7thMethuselah

The Un was present in Cambodja for several years after a peace treaty was achieved. It also has several programs running to aid the population and to remove land mines. Surre there probably are still some rebels running around but the situation has much improved.
I was in Cambodia this pass april, it's has achieve peace, but the peace seems to be unreal. The government recieves funds from many countries but those funds do not go to the ppl, it goes to the corrupt government officials pocket. If the election turns out the other way against the incumbent leader (Hun Sen), he (Hun Sen) would use millitary force to keep power, I wish the world would enforce true election results in Cambodia, as they are doin in Afganistan. Cambodia claims to be a democracy but it's a totalitarian state in its truest form.

K back to Israel and Palestines, I totally agrees that it's not who started it, it's who will stop it, thats the key to end the conflict.
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