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Originally Posted by Bun-kun
I was in Cambodia this pass april, it's has achieve peace, but the peace seems to be unreal. The government recieves funds from many countries but those funds do not go to the ppl, it goes to the corrupt government officials pocket. If the election turns out the other way against the incumbent leader (Hun Sen), he (Hun Sen) would use millitary force to keep power, I wish the world would enforce true election results in Cambodia, as they are doin in Afganistan. Cambodia claims to be a democracy but it's a totalitarian state in its truest form.
I stand corrected
I base my knowledge on news from several sources (tv internet and newspapers) but I've never really been there so I was unaware that it is evolving into a totalitarian state.

Originally Posted by enron
And as far as Rwanda and Cambodia are concerned, like i said, if the rest of you were so concerned about them, where are the massive deployments of troops?
There is one thing you should remember about the UN Peacekeepers.
1. UN Peacekeepers can only be sent if the nation it's being sent to agrees to recieve them!
2. about massive deployment UN Peacekeepers usually have no more that a few 1000 men, the reason is simple: they are there to assist conversion to a new situation not to take control of it.

Originally Posted by enron

You realize that all the violence and mass murders took place WHILE the UN had a nominal peacekeeping force in the country, right? If the United Nations cared where the blackhearted Americans didn't, then surely they would have sent more troops, right? Right?
At the time of the Rwanda Genocide, Belgium had troops present but the days before the genocide 10 belgian marines got murdered by the masses. Now, understand that our country had never lost a single soldier, so this was extremely shocking to our nation, as a result the people , who supported the deployment at first, demanded the troops to be pulled out.

I agree that the UN at the time should have intervened, many errors have been made there, but remember a few 1000 soldiers can't stop mobs of hundred of thousands.

My apologies about the off-topic post...
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