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Show you? Just read all Bill Clinton's work during his Presidency. For a while, many of us thought they were progressing towards peace. Negotiations were being held with Clinton as the mediator but it always ended up in utter failure. and it always started with one or two suicide bombers. then the israelis would get angry and pull off their deal and they would all go at it again.

and I never said that the Palestinian state existed. If there is no true government controlling the area, then how can there be a state? The fact is, as long as there are so many different groups vying for control and doing whatever they want whenever they want, there will never be a Palestininan state.

Originally Posted by zappater
Dragonz20, fact is that the Israelis kill innocent in awfully great numbers.
Show me were the Israelis have made any peace offer that people should recognize as something serious, that the Palestinians gain anything on and that comes out 50/50 to both sides.
And while the military may not have attack anything without orders, that doesn't say that the orders never were aimed to destroy for the Palestinian civilians.

One more thing, there does not EXIST an Palestinian state, they got PLO, fatah and Hamas, but none of them are a real state, they are organisations that try to make a Palestinian state.
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