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Looks like the show is being contradictory with it's reality/virtual world crap again. Kirito gains a high-level GM access panel from Kayaba and god only knows how that happened. Sugou proceeds to rip off and remove clothing from Asuna's avatar which should be physically impossible. Finally Kirito proceeds to murder Sugou's avatar in an incredibly grim way which again shouldn't be possible since this is a goddamn video game.
Kayaba stuff notwithstanding, I'm not sure why the stuff you mention wouldn't be possible just because it's a video game. For Asuna's clothes, they're specially designed by Sugou, so there's no reason why they couldn't be composed of these sorts of pieces. (And just because players remove clothing using the menu options doesn't mean that's the only way clothing can be damaged or taken off. If they're modeled as cloth (etc.) they should rip.) As for the gruesome death, if they modelled the players as objects and you're using a free-form battle system (not prescribed skills), I'm not sure that it's that impossible in that sort of open VR space (that isn't part of the normal dual system). They already showed in SAO that you can cut-off limbs in this engine (i.e. what happened to Kirito back in Episode 10).

(As for the smell stuff... he obviously has some sort of fetish, replicating her smell from the real world and all. Of course it's meant to be creepy...)
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