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I wasn't suprised at all because same things just like betrayal are also happening in other series like Toriko so I expected to other authors of the same magazine do the same thing. Well we are talking about Himekawa here. He likes to be on top as the Takamiya said so he would do anything in order to get power even if it means in a nasty way. He just dissapointed me big time and I am still not sure if he has some plans under his hands or is he just following Takamiya out of curiosity towards demons and to do more through search on them. Hilda said Toujou didn't at least need crest but how the hell Himekawa took him down? Then he wouldn't have any change at the beggining at all againist the tough top upstarts if he is taken by Himekawa? That's sucks a bit and I don't like seeing Toujou to get beaten by the likes of Himekawa. Other than humour side of the this chapter aside this betrayal of Himekawa really got my nerves so as I said at the start of my comment I wonder if any other series like Gintama, Naruto or other shounen series of the same magazine follow the same pattern; to put betrayal of most unexpected character in their series. But I still think that Himekawa will take out Takamiya or at least if he obtains what he wants from demons he will back to Oga's crew like in old days again. I still don't think he would be that dick character.

edit: I hope Saotome-sensei trains Toujou hard or give him some powers likes teaching him to be how to become spell master. I can't imagine Toujou being spell master. He would be one hell of beast of the Oga's group if he gets his hands on demonic powers and spell demonic powers just like Saotome-sensei.
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