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Saotome most likely figured that they'd be too complicated from him to learn right then and there so he didn't bother teaching them to him. Besides, it seems that Oga's 'spells' are just ways he thinks of to use Beel's power. Right now, most of the techniques are either strike-based or augment his body but I'm sure that with a bit more imagination, he can create some nasty stuff. Such as sealing an opponent's movement and instead of punching him directly, just manifest a few Zebel Emblems around them and have them all explode or make one huge one at their feet and use it to funnel a Zebel Blast right from under them. At least, that's one way I'd think to use it.

Aoi has it easy since all she has to do is channel the energy, she already knows how to do her own techniques. Although, the thought of her doing her own rendition of Zebel Blast with her bokken is quite teasing.
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