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How many pages of trash can we get in here within the next eight hours (before the episode airs)?

Let's see. My expectations for today's episode:

1) Ep. 3 cliffhanger will be resolved in the most banal way humanly possible: There is no spoon err I mean no bullet. Gomen Rolo, should've used that knife you are so fond of.

2) Lelouch will pull a WTF on us by revealing that he remembers meeting Rolo ten years ago, or some such random crap, and somehow will get Rolo on his side, or into doubt at least (and on his side by the end of the episode).

3) Li's random action at the end of Ep. 3 was not due to his brains being unsettled after seeing Kallen naked, but rather one elaborate plan that will eventually benefit Lelouch in some way.

4) Kallen will angst over the whole Lulu=Zero thing a bit more, if time permits.

5) C.C. will continue making fun of Kallen.

6) Zero will use trickery and deceit instead of open combat to rescue the hostages. Whoever heard of a fair duel with hostages on the line anyway?

7) Tamaki will go back to worshipping Zero immediately, Toudou will think it was all JUST AS PLANNED.

8) Gilford might as well lose his life in this encounter. It was stupid of him to challenge Zero, and he'll pay the price for it. Though it might be interesting if he survived long enough to serve the next governor-general of Area 11.

9) Suzaku will show his ugly mug at least once in this episode, probably angsting over his Ashford school uniform or kissing Imerial ass or some such.

10) There will be one Pizza Hut cameo.
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