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This episode was alright.

But seriously, what the hell was with Zero's arm? O__o
That was just gross and for a second I thought it was going to explode ( that and Yuuki was going to kill him but she just attacks his "infected?" arm )
Lesson learned: Kids, don't eat people....or just don't eat your twin-brother in general.

I guess they wanted to exaggerate Zero's transformation more....*shudders*

But I'm getting alittle agitated on how they're potraying Yuuki.
She's suppose to be badass, not a dansel. Hopefully she'll be kicking some Rido butt in the last final epsiode. She's been in trouble enough times already.

Other that, it was interesting how the animatores filled in the gaps. Either way I'm glad that cross-dresser guy dies ( Ichiou was pretty cool at that part even though he scares me )

And Rido is sexy as ever.
I love him <3
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