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Lol, almost forgot about the obligatory "Introduce yourself" thread, hehe. Soo, I'm 25 and I live in Athens. I love foreign languages (have diplomas in 4 of them already) even though they have nothing to do with my actual job. Got my 4級 after 2 months of lessons and was ready for the 3級 after another 4 months. I'm now working my way towards the 2級 by translating anime for fun, lol. Your typical computer geek girl, karate brown belt, real busy most of the time. And I like to dabble in many different things, hence my bad habit of butting in everywhere with an opinion (yeah, sorry about that one in advance).

I've been an anime fan for years now, but for one reason or another never really though of joining animesuki before now. I've fooled around with almost every aspect of fansubbing, from tracking down raws, to encoding, to karaokes, to typesetting, translating and releases. Encoding is still my weak point however, and I could never really stomach AFX, so it's Aegisub for me. One thing I really love about this place are some of its very helpful threads, though, so who knows what might happen in the future.

Nice to meet you everyone!
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