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I'm tempted to think of all these oddities, and their effects, as allusions to adolescence and growing up. Strip them away, and what we get is in fact a straightforward otaku-based story that involves themes familiar to most teenagers. The way we were before we became adults, the sometimes painful angst we went through, and the end result of that growing up process — that has all been expressed here through clever wordplay.
I totally agree on the point that Bakemonogatari is basically about growing up of youth. It's not only Senjogahara. Most main characters face a difficulty (or an oddity), suffer from it, and eventually overcome it. However the story does not stop here. Overcoming dose not mean growing-up in Bakemonogatari. They should get on with remained scar. It's Shinobu for Araragi's case, missing emotions for Senjogahara, and hairy arm for Kanbaru. They grow up when they accept and embrace their respective scar. For me, this is where Bakemonogatari differ from typical shonen stories.

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