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Originally Posted by Star-Wing View Post
O_O I didn't mean to include his eyes...must have been an accident ^^;
Ooh...smudge tut? Wish I could do it but no time for me ;_; I have only managed to do two of the tuts you sent me -_-

I use Ernest for pixel fonts (I mean instead of Visitor ). I will have to take a look at Cilogie, thanks for sharing the info <3
I did tell Sworn about the clipping masks; I don't think she managed to try it yet.
Oh! so you've tried those tuts honestly I didn't tried them since I'm always fainting while reading them j/k

Oh the one with the black stroke on the outside (looks like glowed with a black color) version of visitor right? About the clipping masks, personally I haven't tried that either .

Originally Posted by Sworn to Believe View Post
Thanks Patchy and Star!! Yay for a famous thread!

ooh star thank you so much I am going to steal that if you don't mind ^-^ and then try it out again later. As for the light source, any suggestions?

I will try out those fonts and get some new ones too ^-^ I love fonts.

The blue-ness was literally a fluke. I was trying to do something different actually and ended up doing a fill-type-but-not-really-thing...and with the diff blendings i already had I liked it. I can *try* to make it less blue but I don't know how I would do that/how it would turn out really...

I just googled "FMA renders" and found one I liked. and then looked for a bg I liked.

Would y'all believe me if i said there was NO C4D in this sig? ;D just an epic blue bg and black and white brushes.
and then diff blendings and a random fill-y thing.
Then I put the text on the hand and messed with the blending. ^-^
Yup yey for your famous thread, many people are nice to you so you're lucky on that (I'm the only one who isnt nice har har )

Yup fonts/texts are sometimes were the eye-catching part of the sig, so I think you should also try some different things on that part.

I really really thought that the bg you used was a manual c4d labor really a great find on that bg, and nope that was not fluke I think, it only portray that you are improving quite so much

Ok some BG links to help (this is the only things that I can help with, posting some helpful links )

the wallpapers here are so many, the best one are the abstract ones I think, and some of them are c4d bg.
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