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It's good to see you, thanks for visiting!

The name's Thomas, but I've been called everything from "papermario" to "leader" to "hey you there". You've stumbled across my library of works, and now I have you in my grasp. Don't try and leave; I've supercharged the surrounding pages and links to 10,000 amps and it will disintegrate you upon activation.

Good, now that I have your attention, please read ahead. I am the the king of basic knowledge over a larger area of skills, which basically means I know how to do a bunch of things, but don't expect it to turn out nicely. I am striving to gain a respectable understanding of arts overall, such as photography, drawing, computer art, videography, composition, music, and so on. If you are still interested, please continue on down to have a look at my first stabs into creating.

Oh, as for personal likes, I enjoy the concept of happiness, a good cup of tea, an intense game of tennis, a day in playing video games, listening to music, and watching anime of course. It's a shame I can't physically show you many of these.

Welcome to my Photoshop works! Photoshop is something I picked up without any schooling, so be forewarned that I approach creations with a minimalistic approach. If I like how it turns out, that's usually enough for me.

You are welcome to use any of these anywhere, and on the off chance you want something simple made, don't be shy in asking!

Spoiler for Signatures!:

Spoiler for Banners!:

Spoiler for Other:

As mentioned, another love of mine is music. I do have a deep history of musical experience dating back to playing violin when I was a mere two years old, and since then I've completed Grade 7 in the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano, played a couple years of clarinet as well as trumpet in my high school band, and I am now focusing on getting better at the guitar. When I have sufficient recording equipment, I will hopefully be able to record and upload a few videos for you on here.

As such, this section is in a current state of "COMING SOON".

Writing's a great interest of mine; it's just a great medium for personal expression and the like. I never personally took a writing class in my life and rely on what I've learned from school and reading books to develop a style of my own.

At the moment I've basically done a few reviews and other posts through our blog "Hiroi Sekai", and along with that I've made other little articles for fun and even ran a small writing competition right here on AnimeSuki for a bit (monthly, with 2000 word limit). Please have a look below for a compilation of an archive and some of the pieces that got the most views overall.

Spoiler for Just For Fun!:

Spoiler for EMDAS (Elementary, My Dear AnimeSuki) Entries:

You've reached it, the last section of my page. Here is where I've compiled what's left, which is basically personal projects.

If I may first direct your attention to Hiroi Sekai's YouTube channel; this is where our videos are posted. At the moment there's not too much, but there are future plans of making some actual videos with structure.

With that out of the way, the remaining projects and details will be detailed below in spoiler tags. Please have a look if you'd like!

Spoiler for Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past:

Spoiler for Little Taste of YouTube:

Spoiler for Drawings!:

Hey, thanks for visiting, and be sure to leave a comment if you're curious about anything. Any sorts of constructive criticism and curiosity are welcome, so I hope to hear from you. Cheers! <3

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