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Hey, like Patchy says, don't water down your own talents ^-^ The sig turned out so good cuz you worked hard on it and you are getting better dad by day ^.^ I would totally give you cookies but…I need to be more active in giving out cookies -_- I will give you laterz (that is, if you don't end up making another great one )

Oh, I keep forgetting but what were you auditioning for? And how did it go ?
What is it you were going to tell me?! I am sorry, dad slept for only 2 hours, so I got the net only for 30-40 mins today -_-; (dad should try sleeping more, it's bad for his health But he has so much work -_-; ) Can we talk about it in pm then? I would love to hear it

And the tutorials, I am uploading it now (ouch @ my net speed >.<)

Spoiler for huge tut:

The first one, it's kinda complicated but a good one. I used it once before. Uses some nice techniques and quite helpful; I would suggest you to try this whenever you have time.

Spoiler for Tut 2:

Second one, basic but effective. You can make nice sigs really fast

Third one; has nice blending Nice style which I at times use to make bgs more effective.

Last one…never really used it but it seemed nice when I was rummaging through my collection (I should have had been studying but I am down right upset, so I was checking out old stuff on PC). Nice and new blending style.

I haven't used any of the tuts recently (other then the ones Patchy sent ) I hope those are ok with you and your PC

(I don't claim to own any tut so please don't sue me)

Oh! so you've tried those tuts honestly I didn't tried them since I'm always fainting while reading them j/k

Oh the one with the black stroke on the outside (looks like glowed with a black color) version of visitor right? About the clipping masks, personally I haven't tried that either .
Didn't get to try them properly, just some rush works I might get free time after 30th though., Ernest font is different, I think. I love clipping masks, btw. Used it recently in a real-person sig I did in request thread
Btw, you are really nice and helpful, a lot more then a lot of people I know, so stop saying it the other way around

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