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That what I thought as well at first, however, with Kyousuke's explanations regarding Manami, I believe he was depressed especially because of that.
With the context given by Ion from the light novel, it makes this interpretation much easier to consider.
It's not specified what makes Kyousuke really depressed about, although the event in Ch. 2 (First part of this episode) definitely play a big part...

However, yeah, he clearly doesn't like hanging out with other guys much. Perhaps it's due in part to his poor relationship with his father, whereas his mother is nicer to him? Hence he thinks "Other men don't make good friends, but girls and women do".
Although Kyousuke is the narrator, the story still revolved around Kirino, so, naturally, story would goes into Kirino's "circle" rather than Kyousuke's. Yes, Kyousuke do have other friends, doesn't mean Fushimi have to write those stories, though, since it's just too normal...(Well, until Volume 5 starts, that is...Kyousuke gets a whole new circle in that volume).

Another well adapted episode, still very fast paced but it can't be helped. I really wish they would have made it into a 24 episode anime. Hopefully there will be at least 2 more volumes out before next fall season so that they can make season 2 without problems.
It'll probably be the end of Oreimo (the novel) anyway whenever they decided to do Season 2 (or not do one at all just to piss people off). Fushimi mention somewhere (I've no idea where, hence "somewhere") that Oreimo won't get pass either 9 or 10 volumes...

In another word, they can always pull a synchronized ending like Toradora!

EDIT: Side note...gotta love those 19 10/10 just b/c Kirino finally goes deredere...
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