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My interpretation of this was a fair bit different. I took Kyousuke being depressed recently as him being depressed about all of the things Kirino has done against him recently, not just this one incident of trying to badly embarrass him in front of his best friend (though that did put it over the top).

I also took Kirino's apology as a catch-all, for all the ways she's wronged him throughout this series.

Maybe I missed a key word or two here, and am misinterpreting it, but that is how I took Kyousuke's claim of depression, and Kirino's apology.
That makes sense, but if there were something special happened that triggered Kirino to make the apology, the episode would feel much smoother. Now it seems that she's doing it all of a sudden.

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Btw how come Kyousuke doesn't know how to use computers that much, I mean, it seems that he didn't even knew about the internet in earlier episodes, what kind of life has he been living until now?. Even if he had old fashioned thoughts like his dad I don't think it would be a valid excuse, but well....
I see... Kyousuke probably didn't know that laptop's screens can be closed. He may even have never seen any laptops other than Kirino's. And every time he sees Kirino's laptop, the screen is open, so that is the only possible shape of laptop in his mind. This explains why he didn't close the laptop when Minami came in
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