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Meh. Having anticipated this episode for so long being my fav LN chapters...somewhat disappointed.

Didn't quite handle Kirino's final compliment on Manami's cooking well (it should be grudgingly, like how Kirino compliemented on Kuroneko's cos), and her attitude shift towards the end after the phone call was a bit of a mystery (phone call about the thank you party?)

As for the show itself, there were many opportunities to further develop the character and their relationships but were skipped. For some reason my mental image of Kuroneko's comic is of chibi type chara satire the situation of Kirino/Kyousuke/Manami. Not only did they gloss over Belgephor (with just one picture at the start, some kind of 'service' for LN readers?) part, the overall art style doesn't convey the humorous nature at all. In hindsight, the art style fits Kuroneko's taste but is not very effective in what it's supposed to achieve. Rushed episode.

Finally as for the ending, interestingly Kirino said "watashi da to omotte". LN readers need no more hints as to what next episode's ending will be.

As to the above posts...I've long resigned to the obvious denial that seeps through and now expect them with gleeful anticipation. More fuel for amusement browsing the forums.
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