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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
That doesn't justify anything. That just means the novels are flawed too.
Just because Kirino's character doesn't fit a common, successful formula doesn't make the novel flawed.

It may make you not like it, it may set it apart from other novels, but calling it flawed is like calling a photo artistically drained of color flawed because it does not have accurate colors.

Kirino is awesome, in the way she affects those around her. I, too felt she was going too far in the first half; I'd be angry as hell if someone was like that with me. But, that's her character, and the entertaining interactions between Manami and Kyouske are a direct result of that.

As far as how realistic Kirino's portrayal is, I have seen similar: horrible little brothers who are very mean to their older sisters, both IRL and in other stories. And IRL, there is almost *never* an apology scene, making the one in this episode that much more special.
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