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Well, this was the best episode of this series yet. I thought once Manami came into the picture, that'd be the perfect time for Kirino to get told off by Kyosuke, but I guess I came later on. I'm glad he was able to get what he was feeling off of his chest to Kirino. It actually should have happened a couple of episodes ago. Even though he explains why he tolerated all her abuse, it still doesn't satisfy me that he takes all of this **** like a doormat =0\.

Oh, and Kuroneko was awesome this episode(as usual), and Kyosuke's mom would have made a better sister (>.>). I was also hoping that he'd be attracted to Saori a little, even if he'd generally only think of her as a good friend, but I guess any future plans for that are pretty much non-existent =0(.
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