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Originally Posted by Himeji View Post
Where did you ever get the idea that Vagina-chan was a model?
Kirino and Ayase are models, but not her. With Saori's stats, being a model would probably be a problem.
I'm sorry, what? I may not know two licks about what being a model entails, but from what little I know, I think Saori wouldn't have any problem. First of all, one of the first things that comes to my mind when the word "supermodel" comes up is tall (which is why they have min height requirements). In that, Saori is 180 cm, which is really tall for the average Japanese woman. More than that, from hints of her face as an ojou-sama it seems that she's quite beautiful, and if the her stats of 88-61-89 (what, is that too much waist and hip?) isn't acceptable, I don't even know what the standards are these days. Simply put, she may not be a model, but she can pull it off if she wants to, I think.

Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
Mainly I'm just trying to prove my point that "The only development people are waiting for is Kirino to go deredere". Well, other than the single exception that I've learned to ignore anyway...(I'm waiting for his/her reasoning...)
Well yeah, a lot of people do that - most of the time, the only reason people watches tsunderes is to her deredere in the end. In fact, I think I read somewhere in the To Aru thread that someone watches the thing not for the plot with all its actions, nor the great settings and world buildings with interesting characters, but just to see Misaka Mikoto's dere moments. Different strokes for different folks, I guess . Personally, the one development I really want to see is the story about their past; but this one is good enough, if a bit out of nowhere.

Originally Posted by ion475 View Post
Fact is, after 7 volumes of novel, we don't have the reasoning behind why Kyousuke and Kirino can't seems to stand each other either, what make you think the anime would suddenly throw out a reason...

As far as sympathy goes, well, it's normal that you don't sympathize with her b/c there's not really any reason to...
Well, thank you for this. No, I really mean that sincerely, if only I know that before it will definitely alter my expectation coming in to this thing and perhaps my enjoyment as well.

And about not sympathizing, well, that's the impression I got too. After many debates and discussion with Triple_R and the others in the past episodes, I give up and stop trying to sympathize with her. It works for me, although I have to admit that this episode improves my sympathy for her, if only if could have been shown earlier.

Originally Posted by rave_master16 View Post
Others: 1. We already know it already deviated from the novel so it's no point comparing it to the novel. I'm actually watching it as a separate story from the novel (like a spinoff).
2. I'm actually wary of the "Good ENd". Are they saying that there's a "BAd ENd"? ~thinks of Ayase.
3. Because of this different end, the chance of having season two is very slim. But I am still hoping for a season two now that the OVA will deviate from the anime. And I am hoping it will follow the novel faithfully. Then we can have for season two.
About it, yeah, your thoughts are pretty much confirmed actually. There's definitely no Bad End, the other one is True End. And like you said, next episode is a bit more of an anime original, whereas the net episodes True End follows much more closer to the LN.

And while I don't go as far as thinking of the anime as a spin-off, I also doesn't expect it to be perfectly faithful. Yes, a perfectly faithful adaptation would be excellent, but sometimes it's hard to adapt something to another form, and sometimes some changes needed to be made. Sometimes that change really change the story from the original source, but as long as it's still a good story, I don't mind the alternate re-telling. Of course, the problem with that is that you have to make sure that it's really good, as it will no doubt be compared to the original source. And if it's good but not as good, it won't be accepted well. Which...may be the case here, I haven't read the LN but the way I see it, while not a complete butchering some details that are changed / left out makes it compare less favorably than the LN.
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