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this ep was absolute win for me, the best ep so far i think

the first half i was just dying laughing: Kirino's example of what she would do if she brought a boy home, the mother-in-law comment, Manami finding his porn collection and the laptop, "all the girls have glasses", also calling him onii-chan was priceless

the second half was great as well: the harem party sign, and the receptionist sneaking peaks, all of them in maid outfits was nice, but Kuroneko stole the show with her ears an tail, her manga was just too hilarious, also calling Kyousuke nii-san was great, didn't expect the party to be to cheer him up and have Kirino apologize, and only she would get her brother an eroge as a present

the new op and ed were nice as well

will Saori's identity be reveled soon, because she's definitely hiding her true self maybe?

so is next week the last ep?
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