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@Vsin, wingdarkness:
Nuclear reactors don't cause nuclear explosions... Where the fu*k did you two learn science?

Funny thing is...Kira really showed little to no real "sign" of being the "Ultimate Coordinator" that really set him apart from others.
He is not supposed to show any "signs".. The Ultimate Coordinator Project was about designing a Human from head to toe on a genetic level.. It's basically about absolute genetic control. So no, it's not about having glowing eyes.. although, Ulen could have given Kira glowing eyes if he wanted to.

But with the way they talk about it in the series and side-stories, they make it seem like some ultra-significant thing far greater than it is.
Because it is a pretty big deal.

Like with Canard going all out of his way, initially, to find and defeat Kira just to take the title of "Ultimate Coordinator".
initially Canard didn't know and didn't care about his origins. But you have to keep in mind that he was tortured and experimented on for a long time.. constantly being called a 'failure'.. And than Dullindal added more fuel to the fire by reveling that there is an actual ultimate coordinator who was having this perfect life.

Canard never really cared about being the ultimate coordinator. For him it was more about proving that he is not a failure.

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