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What is it?: Unnecessary Fan Service

Worst offenders: I really don't feel like searching my recently concussion-ed head for specifics, but I can say, any anime that isn't centered around ecchi that throws shit out there expecting it to be funny. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not laughing. Or getting a boner.

Notable exceptions: You can excuse anime such as harem, since a large proportion of its plot is devoted to ecchi and fan service. I really don't care when they do it, but when I want a straight story and action, random panties and clothing dampening just doesn't hit it with me.

Variants: There's funny, and then there's the pointless. I rarely see the former.

What makes it popular: It sells. People want to see their favorite female being humiliated or oblivious to her apparent cuteness or lack of dignity.

Which brings me to another peeve: female manipulation. Even male manipulation! But that's for another time.

Guys want to rage, and girls... What do they want? Anyways...
Put simply; sex sells.

Reason that I hated it: I honestly don't find 99% of all fan-service/ecchi moments even remotely funny. It's in the way, unnecessary, and forces me to hide my iPhone from prying parental eyes whenever I just want my daily anime fix.

Does the hate really worth it?: Well, if we go by personal opinion, of course it is. Freaking perverted Japanese!
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