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@Taufiq91: I already hate both yaoi and yuri genre as I discovered that both of them are nothing more than just fapping material for straight people, both men and women. So far I never encountered any yaoi fangirls or yuri fanboys who actually looking for "emotional and realistic" portrayals of gays and lesbians.

Back to topic...The complete aversion of the OP...

What is it?: Girls and women who loves to cook only to be look cute and sexy in the eyes of men. In other words, "moe" factor.

Worst offenders: Magikano, Sister Princess, K-On!, Yosuga no Sora(yes even one of my favorite shows included).

Notable exceptions: Probably none. In Yumeiro Patissire the lead girl learn baking cakes and desserts professionally, not to look cute while lots of fans find her cute doing it. In Yakitate Japan!! one of the anti-heroine(and later protagonist) wears bikini to distract one of the protagonist. While it may considered sexist but its actually an important plot element.

Variants: Girls and women who can't do nothing but cook. Kasumi from Ranma 1/2 is the best example.

What makes it popular: Ahhh the sexism. There's nothing better seeing your beautiful girlfriend or wife smiling at you in dining room with a roasted turkey and grilled salmon on the dinner table after hard day working even though its not Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.

Reason I hated it: Again the sexism. It just as annoying as the opposite which I already mentioned earlier. Both men and women are as just as guilty to each other when it comes to this issue. Both wanted some sort of sex symbols. Okay people, cooking is for survival, profession and something to tie the family bond. Not something to look cute and sexy.

Does the hate really worth it?: Absolutely yes. I wish I can see more characters who are good at cooking and only do so to fill his or her empty stomachs, not as sex symbol.
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