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Honestly, the best I can see Bioware copping out of this is at most, by showing Tali's hair ( if Quarians even have any ) from her back or something, maybe in the Tali-side ending cutscene or something.

Bioware's stuck between a rock and hard place in terms of satisfying its fans. On one side, the clamor and call for Tali's unmasking is huge, yet so polarized because everyone has this unrealistic expectation. Yet the same time, it's a bit of a cop-out to keep it hidden, and not even hint or show anything of the forbidden fruit as something that has been in the hoping since Mass Effect 1.

Hair is the best middle ground for these kind of things, I would say. It gives a base for continued imagination, yet it also has a semblance of visual beauty to it, as long as it's done well.
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