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I love it that there is so much serious stuff lurking under the highly comic surface here. It floored me that Makoto would start seriously considering the idea that Erio is bad for his school life -- but it's something the guy who counts up "youth points" would really do, and it's perfectly reasonable, in that Japanese context.

I was also floored that Ryuushi would go so far as to try to pry Makoto away from Erio in such a low way, but that is also reasonable and likely. However, it was great to see her wrestling with her evil intent, and incapable of hiding it from Makoto.

I did say earlier that I loved the animation touches here, and I do, but now that I have seen a full-size version, I can see places where the drawing is pretty off: legs in particular. No wonder they needed four animation directors to check things over. These standard Shaft TV-version problems are, of course, a big topic of conversation in the world of 2channel, where this show still continues to limp along in about eighth place among this season's shows.

As for Maekawa, she does just get better and better. Not just her actions and personality, but the excellent work of her seiyuu, the relative unknown Fuchigami Mai. I don't know what kind of range she has, but she's just great in this role.

She did a radio show with Oogame Asuka (Erio) in 2009-10 and has had a dozen or so minor roles from 2009 to the present, including several in Sora no Manima ni. But her main named role was as Asagiri Kaname in the forgettable Ookamikakushi. She attended the well-known Yoyogi animation school, and was with a branch of the Sigma Seven agency for a while, but is now independent, it appears, which seems like a disadvantage in her career.
Spoiler for pics of Maekawa's seiyuu:
As for Maekawa, now that we know where she works in the evenings, I would think a black bunny outfit highly likely.

But no matter how good she looks and acts, and how interesting Ryuuko is, Erio appears to be entirely composed of female pheromones. How could any male possibly resist her physical presence, in the long run? I expect to see Makoto with his face buried in his futon, before long.
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