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Originally Posted by Riga92 View Post
Spoiler for Ep. 6:
I loved how Erio tried to convince him to let her wrap herself in his futon by telling him her scent may stay on it. She knows him very well already
I'm sure he would have let her do it if Ryuuko and Maekawa hadn't been around.

This episode was very enjoyable. I'm liking Maekawa more and more. She's very assertive and doesn't care what other people think (if she did, she wouldn't even do those odd cosplays in the first place lol). On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed by Ryuushi's attitude, but I can understand it. Jealousy can be very hard to control. I hope she'll eventually overcome that jealousy as well as her fear of society's judgement and befriend Erio.

The dialogues seem to be getting better -loved the conversation between Makoto and the old lady- but there are still a few lines that are completely random and make no sense. The wordplays are pretty poor too. I know the author is a fan of Nisio, but he's nowhere near close to his level of wittiness.
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