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ow a dislike topic, where to start the ranting, so many choices, so little room

I dislike the origional gundam TV series because it's old and outdated in every aspect, but that not it's fault really. Luckily some excellent spin off in both manga and anime form (8th ms team, 0083, war in the pocket, lost war chronicles, etc..) make up for it's defects.

I dislike the second half of zeta gundam and ZZ gundam. They are extremely boring and weak storywise. The caracters are annoying. I stronly dislike the "lets go psycho" stuff, which comes back in just about any gundam series except for the 8th ms team and 0083, but it's the most working on my nerves in Zeta.
A little bit more realism is wanted in the next gundam series.

Zeta's enemy suits are also among the most rediculously looking, in contrast with the good guys suits which go for a more realistic aproach. It's like they didn't know which way to go.

I do not understand what people see it it.

Then there is victory gundam, which was so good that i stopped after watching 2 episodes, Zeta all over again...boring...
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