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Okay so, I wanted to type in this thread because I think last time I typed in here I talked about a religion that didn't quite pretain to me. So this time I will talk about my beliefs. I've actually become somewhat of a Taoist/Christian. I'm a taoist to the core in that I desire inner peace, and seek the path best for me. I am a bit of a christian because after reading "A Course in Mircales" A three book series that I got for 25$ (Total steal I know). I sort of came to appreciate some of my christian roots. My grandfather was a minister, and he did preach a lot to myself and of course the masses. Though I had a chip on my shoulder towards Christianty because of many of the followers.

Though what I learned from the course of mircales is we can't really hate a belief because of the people. We can dislike it because it doesn't resonate with us. So for me I decided to look into more psuedo-christian pursuits. Before I knew it I found myself being a little more pious than usual. However, as I said before Tao comes first to me. As for me it is a way of interpreting god. As for Jesus, he's a really cool guy. He tried to teach many of the things that are spoken in Tao. Also Mohammad is pretty awesome too. He's definitely a messanger of god. Reading his original messages and things was also very rewarding.

So I guess to boil it down, I am a Tao-Christian in search of a loving God.
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