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Originally Posted by bloodyclaws View Post
adrenaline is also a branch of stamina. That energy needs to come from somewhere.

I can see where chimurry is coming from. While the term "feel tire" does exist in real life, it would not explain forceful depletions of stamina through controlled situations. No matter how physically fit someone is with 100% stamina, that stamina will definitely go down if an external force is applied. (eg. falling on your back from a high height, or getting knifed in the gut)

Remember tats got hit point blank by ichijous rupture? A dissipation magic that instantaneously creates explosions through chemical reactions. Tats literally tanked releases of energy with the velocity of around 2000-8000 m/s and continued his way as if nothing happened. Adrenaline is not going to save you from that one for sure.

I definitely agree that magicians need psions to restore their "magicial" levels. Stamina is something that everyone has and can be replenished naturally through the course of time.
adrenaline and stamina are 2 different things. stamina is the body's natural strength to keep going. Adrenaline is something that is more made as a side effect. As you run around adrenaline will eventually take over and that's what keeps some people going even when they run out of stamina.
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